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The Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enabled Self Organizing Network Laboratory at the University of Oklahoma, (BSONLab@OU) is a research group focused on applied research for developing pragmatic solutions to make the future wireless networks more intelligent and self-organizing, low cost, and globally ubiquitous. We research, design and build networks for better human to human (H2H), human to machine (H2M), machine to machine (M2M), device to device (D2D) and Internet of things (IoT) connectivity. We are currently focused on following three main research thrusts:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Self Organizing Networks for 5G and beyond.
  • Big Data analytics for exploitation in wireless networks, using social and non-social data.
  • Unconventional deployment architectures (aerial as well as terrestrial) to make connectivity globally affordable and ubiquitous for H2H, H2M, D2D and IoT.

Our research tackles real world problems faced by wireless industry and is supported by a number of key players in wireless industry to transition our research output to practice. Explore the rest of website for details of sponsors and collaborators. For funded PhD positions in the BSON lab, collaboration and other inquires contact BSON Lab Director Prof. Ali Imran at: Ali dot Imran at OU.edu
BSONLab is home to TurboRAN.

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NEWS and Updates


Copyright Disclaimer: Personal use of the downloadable material provided on this page is permitted. However, permission to reprint/republish this material for advertising or promotional purposes or for creating new collective works for resale or redistribution to servers or lists, or to reuse any copyrighted component of this work in other works must be obtained from the pertinent copyright holder. For latest publications please see: Google Scholar Profile.


Book Chapters:


Peer Reviewed Conference Papers:

  • June, 2018

    KeyNote at A1 Telekom, Austria

    --Dr. Ali to deliver a keynote at a national conference on AI for wireless hosted by A1 Telecom on 25th June, 2018.

  • April, 2018

    Journal Publication

    --Congratulations to Azar Taufique and Hassan Farooq for acceptance of their paper "Analytical Modelling for Mobility Signalling in Ultra-Dense HetNets" in IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology.

    Keynote at T-Mobile

    --Dr. Imran to give keynote at T-Mobile Headquarter, Seattle, WA on 16th April, 2018.

    Congratulations to Dr. Imran

    --Dr. Imran awarded The University of Oklahoma VPR award for outstanding international impact through research and creative work..

    Keynote at ATT

    --Dr. Imran to deliver a keynote at ATT, Silicon Valley on 17th April, 2018.

  • March, 2018

    Journal Publication

    --A journal paper on User-Centric Cloud RAN: An Analytical framework for Optimizing Area Spectral and Energy Efficiency accepted in IEEE Access.

    Congrats to Umair

    --Congratulations to Umair Hashmi for securing summer internship at Bell Labs HQ, New Jersey.

    Conference Publication

    --Congratulations to Umair Hashmi for acceptance of paper titled On the Efficiency tradeoffs in User-Centric Cloud RAN in IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), 2018.

    Congrats to Azar

    --Congratulations to Azar Taufique for getting job offers from Amazon, Sprint and Samsung.

    Congrats to Ahmad

    --Congratulations to Ahmad Asghar and Hasan Farooq for acceptance of their paper "Self-Healing in Emerging Cellular Networks: Review, Challenges and Research Directions" in IEEE Communication Surveys and Tutorials.

    Congrats to Azar

    --Congratulations to Azar Taufique for being hired by Amazon as Program Manager.

  • December, 2017

    Keynote at ICOSST 2017

    --Dr. Imran to give keynote at 11th international conference on open source system and technologies, Dec 18-20, Lahore, Pakistan.

    Lecture Series | ITU, 2017

    --Dr. Imran to give invited lecture series at ITU 2017, Lahore. The series is sponsored by HEC and ITU, Pakistan.

  • November, 2017

    Journal Acceptance

    --A journal paper on big data analytics based proactive energy efficiency solution accepted in Transactions on Mobile computing.

  • October, 2017

    Invited Talk

    --Dr. Imran, to give an invited talk at RAN USA, Dec 4th, Silicon Valley, USA .

  • September, 2017

    Journal Acceptance

    --A journal paper on mmWave uplink capacity and energy efficiency analysis accepted in IEEE Transaction on Vehicular Technology.

  • August, 2017

    Hasan Farooq's award at IEEE Green ICT

    --BSON team member Hasan Farooq’s work won first prize in global competition for best solution to enable Green ICT held by IEEE.

    The competing received proposals proposal from 30+ countries. He received the award at IEEE Green ICT Summit held in Paris, France on 3rd October 2017.

    Research grant approved for 3-year project

    --BSON labs receives $5,00,000 award from NSF on proactive mobility management in future multi-tier, multi-band ultra dense wireless networks.

    Paper presentation

    --Congratulations to Sinasi and Umair for acceptance of their paper in IEEE PIMRC 2017.

    Read article

    Paper presentation

    --Congratulations to Ahmad and Hasan for acceptance of their paper in IEEE PIMRC 2017.

    Read article

    Research grant approved for 2-year project

    --BSON lab receives $10,00,000 award from NSF for developing TurboRAN


    --Dr. Imran to present a tutorial titled “LEAP for IoT” at IEEE PIMRC 2017 being held in Toronto.

  • July, 2017

    Congrats to Arsalan

    --Arsalan Darbandi successfully defended his MS thesis titled “LARGE-SCALE DATA PROCESSING FOR DETECTING ACTIVITY ZONES IN MILAN”.

  • June, 2017

    Congrats to Hasan

    --Congratulations to Hasan Farooq for securing internship at Phazr.

    Congrats to Hasan

    --Congratulations to Hasan Farooq for being selected to participate in IEEE ComSoc Summer School 2014 held at University of New Mexico.

    Lecture Series | 5G Technology

    --Join us at OU-Tulsa Campus for an inspiring 5G Technology Lecture Series brought to you by BSONLab@OU.

    More information
  • May, 2017

    Congrats to Umair

    --Congratulations to Umair Hashmi for securing second internship at AT&T Big Data Foundry, Dallas.

    Congrats to Azar

    --Congratulations to Azar Taufique for the best presentation award at the TCOM Research Meeting.

    Congrats to Hassan

    --Congratulations to Hassan Farooq for the best presentation award, and for scoring highest in the past decade at the TCOM Research Meeting.

  • April, 2017

    Workshop at ComTech-2017

    --Prof. Imran to present a tutorial titled “LEAP for IoT - Lean, Elastic, Agile and Proactive (LEAP) Wireless Networks for Enabling the Future IoT”, at the International Conference on Communications Technologies (ComTech-2017), Pakistan, 19-21 April, 2017.

    Read article

    Keynote at ComTech-2017

    --Prof. Imran to deliver a Keynote titled "Big Data Empowered Self Organizing Networks, the game changing paradigm for enabling 5G", at the International Conference on Communications Technologies (ComTech-2017), Pakistan, 19-21 April, 2017.

    Read article

    Graduate Award Luncheon 2017

    --BSON Lab member Azar Taufique got 1st prize in two categories: Best Poster presentation and Video presentation.

  • February, 2017

    Tutorial at IEEE ICC 2017

    --Prof. Imran to present a tutorial titled “LEAP for IoT - Lean, Elastic, Agile and Proactive (LEAP) Wireless Networks for Enabling the Future IoT”, at 2017 IEEE ICC, Paris, 21-25 May, 2017.

    Read more
  • January, 2017

    Paper presentation

    --BSON team members Umair and Arsalan presented a paper titled “Enabling Proactive Self-Healing by Data Mining Network Failure Logs”at ICNC 2017 Technical Program.

  • December, 2016

    Congrats to Sachin

    --Sachin Daware successfully defended his MS thesis titled “Big Data Analytics solution for Small Cell Deployment Using Machine Learning Techniques”.

  • October, 2016


    Prof. Imran to present a half day tutorial titled “CDSA and BSON: The Two Key Enablers of Lean, Elastic and Proactive Wireless Networks Needed for Future IoT”, at 2016 IEEE 3rd World Forum on Internet of Things, Washington DC, 12-14 Dec, 2016.

  • July, 2016

    Research grant approved for 3-year project

    --New research support of $500K for project titled “Designing Agile and Scalable Self-Healing Functionalities for Ultra Dense Future Cellular Networks” by National Science Foundation.

    Read more

    New team

    --Four under grad and High School students joined the group as internees, as part of STEM outreach program at BSON lab.

  • June, 2016

    Congrats to Salik

    --MD Salik Pervaiz successfully defended his MS thesis titled “Dynamic User-centric Spectral Efficiency Maximization by Optimizing Antenna Parameters”.

    Invited Talk

    --Invited talk at big data foundry AT&T Labs, Dallas.

    Research grant approved for 3-year project

    --New research support of $249K for project titled “Enabling ultra-dense future cellular networks” by National Science Foundation.

    Read more

    Journal Publication

    --New journal article “A multi-objective performance modelling framework for enabling self-optimization of cellular network topology and configurations” published.

    Read article
  • May, 2016

    Congrats to Prasad

    --Prasad Kuppurangan successfully defended his MS project titled “Small Cell Deployment for Next Generation Cellular Networks Using Control and Data Plane Separation Architecture”.

  • February, 2016

    Invited Talk

    --Invited talk at Booker T. Washington High School Tulsa, OK.

    Journal Publication

    --New journal article “Control-Data Separation Architecture for Cellular Radio Access Networks: A Survey and Outlook” published.

    Read article
  • January, 2016

    Invited Talk

    --Invited talk at RAN USA Industrial Forum, San Francisco, USA, 26-27-Jan-2016.

    Journal Publication

    --New journal article “How Reliable is MDT Based Autonomous Coverage Estimation in the Presence of User and BS Positioning Error” published.

    Read article
  • May, 2015

    Congrats to Hassan

    --Congratulations to Hassan Farooq for the best presentation award at the TCOM Research Meeting.


  • Dr. Ali Imran is an Assistant Professor in Telecommunications Engineering Program at the University of Oklahoma, USA. Currently he is leading a $1.045 million multinational research project on Self Organizing Wireless Cellular Networks (Qson).
    Before joining OU in Jan-2014, since Oct-2011 he has worked as a Research Scientist at QMIC, in Qatar. QMIC is a national innovation centre in Qatar, embodying a unique initiative by the state of Qatar to carry out multidisciplinary applied research with objective to address the regional needs and enable smarter living. In this position, he led the development of a wide range of innovative solutions by conducting research mainly in the disciplines of wireless communication, software development, and sensor networks.
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PhD Candidates

  • Hasan is a wireless communications researcher by profession, university faculty member by inclination, gadgets maniac and no-holds-barred technology enthusiast who was ushered into the AI world since his first interaction with Atari BASIC. His PhD research area is Big Data empowered Proactive Self-Organizing Networks focusing on Intelligent Proactive Self-Healing in HetNets utilizing dexterous combination of machine learning tools, classical optimization techniques, stochastic analysis and Data Analytics. Under unified umbrella of Self-Healing, his research investigates Joint Load Balancing and Capacity & Coverage Optimization (LB-CCO) and utilizing Mobility, Failures and Performance Degradation Prediction for Proactive SON Use Cases. Apart from research, his other interests include cricket, movies, eating out and camping. Oh, and he has a hard time not buying all the overpriced gadget deals posted online.
    Read more ...

  • Hi, I am Azar Taufique and I help people that want to learn 4G LTE understand where to start, what is important to learn and how to be able to make the big picture and all the puzzles fit together.
    Read more ...

  • He is a professional RF Engineer with research interests in machine learning, self-organizing networks and development of smart network optimization solutions. He has worked on multiple 3GPP standard based telecommunication networks operating on GSM, UMTS and LTE technologies. He has developed multiple algorithms, including ad-hoc frequency planning and CCO & Load Balancing algorithms, to optimize the performance of telecommunication networks which are currently in use at network operator level or under consideration at vendor level.
    Read more ...

  • Hi, I am Azar Taufique and I help people that want to learn 4G LTE understand where to start, what is important to learn and how to be able to make the big picture and all the puzzles fit together.
    Read more ...

  • Umair Hashmi is a Fulbright Scholar pursuing PhD degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering as a Graduate Research Assistance in BSON Lab @OU since Fall 2015 under supervision of Dr. Ali Imran. His research focus at BSONLab@OU is on different aspects of 5th Generation wireless communication technologies such as Cloud RANs, user-centric architectures, game theoretic efficiency tradeoff in dense networks, application of machine learning and big data techniques in SON, mmWave networks and massive MIMO deployment architectures. Umair has authored or coauthored at least five technical papers in IEEE conferences. Umair is actively involved in students' activities at OU. He was nominated as the Vice President of the International Students' Association at OU-Tulsa in the 2015-16 academic year. While studying at OU, he has also served as a Big Data Intern at AT&T and student analyst at the Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth. In his free time, Umair likes to catch up on cricket and running around with his 2 year old son.
    Read more ...

  • Haneya is pursuing wireless communication research out of genuine interest and passion. Right after completing her BS Electrical Engineering from LUMS, Pakistan, she joined the BSON Lab as a graduate research assistant. She has been actively engaged in the area of Massive MIMO, particularly addressing the issues of channel estimation and pilot contamination in time division duplex systems. Her broad research interests include solutions to tackle the RF spectrum ‘crunch’ problem and future 5G applications. She is working on not what is but on what can be done utilizing 5G. She believes that persistence and motivation are the keys to achieving whatever one desires in life. Aspiring to delve into the field of academia, she is ready to embrace every kind of challenge that crosses her path.
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  • Sabogu-Sumah Raymond was born in Ghana. He received the B.Sc. degree in Telecommunications Engineering (with Hons.) from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana, in 2013 and the master’s degree in Electronic Engineering (with Distinction) from Hanbat National University, Daejeon, South Korea. He is currently pursuing his PHD in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa  with research interests in self-healing networks and Internet of Things through terrestrial and Aerial platforms.
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  • Asad is professional Telecom Engineer with healthy industry experience on LTE/LTE-A. After working in Pakistan, South Korea and Japan as a LTE RF optimization and Self-Organizing Networks (SON) implementation consultant, he moved to University of Oklahoma to contribute in the field of research related to upcoming 5G technology. Currently he is working on mobility optimization for futuristic UDMN (Ultra-Dense, Multi-Tier, multi-Band cellular Network). He is an amateur photographer with an extreme passion for this art that he now lives with optics as a primary seed of delectation (https://500px.com/zaidix)
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MS Students

  • Arsalan is a second year master student, studying Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Oklahoma. He got a B. S. degree in Computer Science from Iran.He is interested in research in areas of Machine Learning and Data mining and programming and analyzing data using C++ and Python languages.
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  • Enthusiastic toward the field of Telecommunication and with experience and desire to learn I am confident to play a dedicated role in this field. Looking forward for enhancing technical and academic knowledge to meet the complexities of networks.
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  • Shruti Bothe is currently pursuing her Masters in Telecommunication Engineering at University of Oklahoma-Tulsa .After completing her Undergrad in 2015 from University of Pune, she worked for Nokia Siemens Networks (under Vodafone India) and Avaya India. With interests in wireless networks, she plans to do her research in Self healing networks under the guidance of Dr.Imran.
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IRES Participants

  • Hi, I am Azar Taufique and I help people that want to learn 4G LTE understand where to start, what is important to learn and how to be able to make the big picture and all the puzzles fit together.
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Undergraduate / High School Interns


  • Salik, a Nepalese by nationality, is a fan of global diversity. He possesses strong cross-cultural experience of visiting and staying in various countries on the course of his academic and professional pursuit. He received his Bachelors and Masters from Pakistan and Japan respectively before spending two years (2014-2016) at University of Oklahoma (OU) USA. During his stay at OU, he worked on the QSON project (Quality of Service Aware Self Organizing Network) in the domain of 'Big Data' and 'Caching' for cellular network.
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  • Sinasi is a master student in the department of Telecommunication Engineering at University of Oklahoma. He graduated from the Ondokuz Mayis University in Turkey as a top student with honor degree. He has a scholarship from the Ministry of Education (in Turkey) to pursue his master and phd in the area of Telecommunication in USA. At the same time, he is a research assistant at the Karamanoglu Mehmetbey University in Turkey. He is currently studying on optimal user cell association on Massive MIMO systems. Based on this area, he is developing a MATLAB based system level simulator for HetNet.
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  • Mr. Kuppurangan has a Master’s Degree in Telecommunication Engineering. He is proficient in RF/Wireless Design, Analysis, Optimization and Enhancement. His responsibilities include leading the work of GSS partner wireless design engineers, overseeing frequency specifications, accuracy checks, solution analysis and access point/cell site deployment. This also includes link budget analysis, system dimensioning for coverage and capacity, traffic analysis, site identification, zoning support frequency planning, interference investigation and optimization support. Prasad’s work focuses on Wi-Fi, Small Cell and LTE/CDMA projects.
    Read more ...

Visiting Researchers


In its effort to promote STEM education in youth and to serve the local community, BSON Lab recruits outstanding local high school students as interns in the lab on a 4 to 12-week internship every year. Interns are assigned short research projects designed to suit interns’ interest and skill level. In addition to being closely guided by Prof. Ali Imran, on day to day basis each intern works closely with at least one senior Ph.D. researcher in BSON lab, who mentors the intern throughout his/her tenure at the BSON lab. Such close interaction with some of the smartest people working on the topic of internship project facilitates quick learning and successful completion of the project. The whole internship experience is closely supervised by lab director Prof. Ali Imran. The aim of this outreach program is to expose students to STEM career pathways in general and telecommunications engineering and its applications, and future prospects in real life in particular. The projects are designed to inspire interest within the participants for exploring and pursuing STEM careers and research in their future professional life. In spite of its short duration, this exciting opportunity is bound to provide interns a lot of valuable and rich exposure to future of wireless communications, while working in a multicultural environment that features international and national industrial and academic collaborations.

2016 session Interns:

  • Fares Hejjo Alrefai
    Booker T. Washington High School, Selected at the University of Tulsa.
  • Rhea Hanks
    Booker T. Washington High School, Selected at the University of Oklahoma.
  • Hsinhui Li
    Booker T. Washington High School, Selected at Rice University.
  • Yash Kumar
    Booker T. Washington High School.

If you are a high school or undergraduate student with the strong academic track record in math, physics, or computer science, and this opportunity sounds interesting to you then send your resume to BSON lab director Dr. Ali Imran at ali dot imran at ou.edu with subject title “BSON Lab internships".

Sponsors / Collaborators

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