EDEN (IRES-US-UK): Enabling Ultra-Dense Future Cellular Networks (5G)

  • EDEN is an International Research Experience for students (IRES) project. This project provides opportunity to US university students (US national or permanent residents) for an 8-week fully paid summer placement at the internationally recognized 5th Generation Cellular Systems Innovation Centre (5GIC) at the University of Surrey, U.K. 5GIC is the largest and one of the most reputed wireless research group in Europe. This IRES project will provide up to fifteen US students (graduate and under graduate) an opportunity to work on world’s first and only outdoor 5G test-bed for wireless cellular system innovation that has recently been established at the University of Surrey as part of 5GIC, with over $100 million public and industrial funding.
    For each of the three years of EDEN project, a cohort of 4-5 students will be recruited for this program. The program will last for 12 weeks (4 weeks at the university of Oklahoma, Tulsa, and 8 weeks at 5GIC, UK) starting around May each year. Flights, accommodation costs and bench fee at the 5GIC during UK visit will be covered by the EDEN project. Additionally, each student will be paid bursary of about $500/week for the 12-week duration of the program. At the beginning of the program, the participating students will attend an intensive four-week research preparation training at the University of Oklahoma. In this pre-departure preparation phase students will be guided to select a project of their choice to work on during the program. Student projects will fall within the broader domain of 5G networks. Some indicative project topics include: Interference Mitigation, Energy Efficiency and Mobility Management in ultra-dense wireless networks. Team projects consisting of up to 2 students per team are allowed. This preparation phase will be followed by eight weeks’ research placement at the 5GIC, UK. A publishable quality outcome is expected out of each student project by the end of program.
    During these visits, in addition to closely interacting with over 20 industrial partners, 15 fulltime faculty, 40 post-doctoral fellows, and over 100 PhD students at 5GIC, US students will be closely mentored by two globally recognized researchers Dr. Muhammad Imran, and Prof. Rahim Tafazolli at the 5GIC. During this visit, students will also attend weekly research meetings conducted at 5GIC in which large number of 5GIC researchers regularly participate and present their work. Students will also be taken for site visits to the campuses of the industrial partners of 5GIC that include: Vodafone, Samsung, Huawei, and British Telecom among others. EDEN Project PI, Dr. Imran already has ongoing collaboration in place with researchers at 5GIC, and will accompany students for first week of their visit to help them get oriented.
    Current undergraduate, MS/PhD students in institutes from across US are encouraged to apply using procedure given under “prospective applicants” tab.

  • BSON Lab is hiring self motivated and enthusiastic under-graduate and post-graduate students for an intensive 12-week research internship spanning within US and UK at top research and multinational telecommunication organizations. Students who are aspiring to be part of high-tech research in the domain of wireless networks are encouraged to apply and avail this opportunity to work alongside teams that are testing and building future 5G networks. The selected candidates will receive a competitive stipend of $500 per week in addition to all expenses paid trip to the 5GIC center at the University of Surrey, UK.

      Education Requirements
      • Currently enrolled in the final year of undergraduate degree or post-graduate degree in Electrical, Computer, Software, Telecommunications, Systems Engineering or related degrees.
      • Good academic standings (preferably CGPA of 3 or higher)
      Residency Requirement
    • Applicants MUST be citizens or permanent residents of the US

    • Prof. Ali Imran (Principal Investigator- University of Oklahoma)
    • Prof. Pramode Verma (University of Oklahoma)
    • Prof. Hazem Refai (University of Oklahoma)
    • Prof. Muhammad Ali Imran (University of Surrey)
    • Prof. Rahim Tafazolli(University of Surrey)
    • Asad Zaidi (PhD candidate - University of Oklahoma)
    • Umair Hashmi (PhD candidate - University of Oklahoma)
    • Azar Taufique (PhD candidate - University of Oklahoma)
    • Hasan Farooq (PhD candidate - University of Oklahoma)
    • Ahmad Asghar (PhD candidate - University of Oklahoma)
    • Haneya Naeem Qureshi (PhD candidate - University of Oklahoma)
    • Arsalan Darbandi (Master's degree candidates - University of Oklahoma)
    • şinasi çetinkaya (Master's degree candidates - University of Oklahoma)
    • Marvin Manalastas (Master's degree candidates - University of Oklahoma)
    • Shruti Bothe (Master's degree candidates - University of Oklahoma)

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